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Full Fat Milk Powder


Full-fat milk powder is one of the types of milk powder with a high-fat content of 26%-32%.

Full Fat Milk Powder Uses This product is used in a variety of food products including dairy products, chocolate, confectionery, bread, ice creams, yogurt, cakes and cookies, candies, beverages, sauces, soups, etc.

Product Description

• Protein in fat-free dry matter: 31% min

• No precipitating after melting

• High solubility in both hot and cold water

• Good dispersibility

• Long shelf life

• A high fat content of 26%-32%

• Pleasant taste with no additives

• Dried using spray drying process Preservation

• Keep in a cool and dry place (below 20˚ C)

• Best before 12 months from manufacture

• Offered in Packets with a composite layer on the outside and a polyethylene layer on the inside

• Net weight: 25 kg

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